Now You Can Get Your Fico Score in Spanish

While this may sound overdue, Fico, the creator of the Fico score, has finally gotten around to creating a Spanish version of their website.

Yesterday, they launched “myFICO en Español,” the first Spanish-language website where consumers can get everything related to their credit reports and credit scores in their native tongue.

The website will allow Spanish speakers to access their Fico score, credit report, and credit report analysis, all in Spanish.

Even Suze Orman’s FICO® Kit is now available in Spanish.

“Today more than ever, American consumers need information, insight and tools that can help improve their understanding of how credit works in the U.S. financial marketplace,” said Mark Greene, CEO of FICO, in a press release.

“We felt it was essential to extend the award-winning resources on myFICO.com to the more than 34 million native Spanish-speaking consumers in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.”

Before this product release, Spanish speakers had to rely on the English version of the aforementioned services.

So it’s likely that there was quite a bit lost in translation because even English speakers can get tripped up by all the intricacies of credit scoring.

The myFico.com Website in Spanish

I took a look at the website and can tell you that it’s pretty much a carbon copy of the English speaking website. You can actually toggle between the English and Spanish version now.

But that’s actually pretty beneficial given the number of Spanish speaking citizens currently living in the United States.

Apparently Fico translated more than 600 pages of consumer credit scoring educational materials that are now available to visitors.

I would guess that over time Fico scores will rise for Spanish speakers as a result.

The move is also a smart one by Fico, as they’ll be able to sell many more credit scores and credit score monitoring packages to millions of new customers.

Fico Score Gratis!

So instead of “free credit score,” users may see “Fico score gratis” instead. And that could be the difference of millions of dollars in revenue for the company.

Keep in mind that no matter what language Fico score is sold or displayed in, the information will remain the same. The credit score scale is unchanged.

And numbers don’t change across languages. A bad credit score will remain a bad credit score, and the same healthy credit scoring habits will apply.

As long as consumers pay their bills on time, keep their debt low, and avoid applying for too much credit in a short period of time, their credit score will be muy bien!