900 credit score

900 Credit Score: Yes, It’s Possible

We’ve already looked at some fairly common credit scores, such as a 600 credit score, a 700 credit score and an 800 credit score.

But what about the elusive “900 credit score?”

Yeah you heard me right, the 900 credit score!

You may be shaking your head, thinking I’ve got no idea what I’m talking about.

After all, the Fico credit score scale only ranges from 300-850, right?

Some Fico Scores Go Up to 900

Wrong. There are some versions of the Fico score, such as those used by auto lenders, that go up to 900.

Of course, that would mean a 900 credit score would be the highest credit score possible, and beyond the range of most consumer Fico scores.

So even though a 900 Fico score is technically possible, there’s a very good chance you don’t have one, and never will.

And you don’t need to attain credit score perfection to obtain the lowest interest rates and easiest lender approvals. You just need to have excellent credit, which starts much lower, say at 760.

In other words, don’t worry if your Fico score isn’t maxed out. It gets to a point where it stops being materially important.

If anything, Fico scores past 800 are more for show than anything else. So brag away…

900 VantageScore Isn’t Perfect

900 vantagescore

However, VantageScore has a range of 501 to 990, meaning a 900 credit score is actually very attainable and well short of perfection.

A 900 VantageScore would earn you the company’s highly sought after “A” credit grade, but just barely. One point lower and you’d have a “B” credit grade.

So in reality, we could call the 900 VantageScore an “A-,” which while still a solid credit score, isn’t perfect.

In any case, I would still call a 900 VantageScore an excellent credit score, despite being the lowest possible credit score in their “A” bucket.

Regardless of whether we’re talking about Fico or VantageScore, if you’ve got a 900 credit score, you should feel pretty darn confident that you’ll get approved for anything from a credit card to a mortgage with little trouble on the credit scoring front.

And credit score monitoring is probably a waste of time and money, as you’re already doing what it takes to maintain great credit.

Just keep in mind that credit scoring is only one piece of the pie, and other things, such as income, assets, and employment, will come into play when applying for certain types of loans. So be sure to focus on those aspects of your borrowing profile as well.

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